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branding with stitches

Direct Embroidery

Direct to garment embroidery is the most common form of embroidery and is how 99% of our jobs are done. Garments are loaded onto our multi head embroidery machines and the logo is stitched directly on / through the item being embroidered. This method of branding is very permanent and in most cases will outlast the item being branded

3D Cap Embroidery

We have just recently upgraded our embroidery digitising software and now have the ability to offer 3D embroidery onto caps. 3D embroidery will certainly make your logo/design stand out from the crowd on this ever popular uniform/promotional item. Please note that not all logo's however are applicable for this method of branding. There are certain limitations with this process relating to fine detail and large areas of fill. Contact us today to see if 3D embroidery will work for you!


Patches are a method of embroidery where the logo / design is embroidered onto a piece of fabric (normally drill or poplin). This is then cut out in the a rectangular or circular shape before having the edge over locked . This logo can then be stitched onto various different items at a later date by the client. This method of branding also allows the ability to remove the logo from that product as the patch is normally only lightly stitched onto the garment around the edge of the shape.